There are no real shocks for my New Years’ post.  For starters, when six months ago when we set up our gym rental, Northwind Martial Arts LLC codified its goals:

We have set ourselves some serious challenges:

  • To build a Haidong Gumdo martial arts community in Bemidji
  • Which is best accomplished by becoming the sort of martial artists who make an impression
  • Which requires that we reach ChoDan so that we may begin to train in the art of Haidong Gumdo
  • The path to which is strewn with hardship: sweat, soreness, pain, exhaustion, time, energy, and more.

We’re starting our own school.  We no longer have the option to be the folks who stand in the middle ranks, comfortably anonymous.  As in any performance-based job, we are basing our future and our success on how we perform.

Dedication and Patience