Happy New Year!

Northwind Martial Arts LLC started off our new year with a uniquely Midwest Haidong Gumdo tradition!  To celebrate making it to 2016 we gathered to meet the challenge: Do 2,016 sword cuts as the first workout of 2016 A.D.

2016 Cuts for 2016 BEFORE
The Northwind Nerds… BEFORE 2016 cuts!

We wanted to start the new year off right, with great mudo, a dedication to push ourselves to succeed and grow as martial artists and as a young dojang.  It was a chance to show that this year we would push past our limits.  This year we were going to challenge ourselves to try what we might have thought impossible a year ahead.  We were going to face our adventure and cut in the new year!  Our martial-arts mini-marathon was going to test us, particularly if we wanted to do correct cuts after, say, 500 or so.

And away we went!  Everyone showed great warrior spirit as the cut-count climbed.  300 cuts in, and I got to see their realization that they had signed up for an actual, serious workout.  A thousand cuts in, halfway there, I saw jaws set in determination as students dug into their willpower after it stopped being easy.

2016 Cuts for 2016 AFTER
Northwind Nerds victorious 2,016 cuts later!

It was a special blessing to see that no one quit.  That was the great victory.  No one quit.  Ninety minutes later, when we hit our last six cuts, every martial artist hit their best horse stance and gave their best kiaps to “kick it in” as we used to say in cross country running.

Here is what victory looks like for the start of 2016!  May we all have great victories this year!