Taeguek TrigramsThe Northwind crew had a great time this weekend working through the partnered gyukgum drills that Chief Master Parnell shared with our region back in 2011.  These pre-arranged sparring drills are formatted, when done correctly, so that eight repetitions works through the Daoist eight trigrams pattern.

I love working through the partnered gyukgums.  They’re an excellent way to visually and kinesthetically process applied techniques and how to move relative to another swordsman.

The Midwest Haidong Gumdo region is very privileged to have these techniques.  They’re not universal.

One of the things I love about training with the Northwind nerds is their willingness to take on personal challenges.  We’re starting off as a dojang, still in our first year, but we’ve made some ambitious choices to keep Master Hinojosa’s sparring techniques and Chief Master Parnell’s partnered gyukgums when it would be simpler to stick to the bare minimum we need.

I appreciate the students’ dedication working on these techniques.  For me the biggest reward from the partnered gyukgums, sparring, or zombie drills comes when a student finally takes what they’ve drilled and see what it means, the motives behind the moves, so to speak.

Looking forward to many more days training together!