I was very glad to have a chance to join Masters Oz and Koivisto at Range Martial Arts this weekend to train under Master Frankovich!

It was a great chance to touch base with our ‘home’ school in the Iron Range, say hi to many old training partners, and talk shop.

2016 Shimsang LessonThen, of course, there was the training!  With about six hours on the floor with Master Frankovich and another three that evening with Range, I’m getting a good start on divesting myself of holiday meals and preparing for the upcoming tests and training.

We covered a lot of material this weekend, which is one of the interesting training dynamics of seminars: to put as much material into the mind as one can hold since it is understood the next weeks/months/years will be spent unpacking, rebuilding, and drilling those ideas into an integral part of our art!  I’m very excited for the chance to do just that, but I was quite grateful when Master Koivisto called a halt when he saw he could not cram any more information into my overloaded skull.

2016 January TrainingEven with a 5-hour drive home I think I have about 56k RAM left in the gray matter.

This trip has reminded me once again that I truly enjoy the fellowship, hospitality, and down-time that helps make Midwest Haidong Gumdo more of a family than a bunch of people who train together.

I’m looking forward to the next master’s training, and I will enjoy working hard to incorporate all that I received this weekend!