For almost two weeks now, I hate to say it but I have been ill and as a side effect of not training at all for nearly two weeks my stamina has plummeted from where it used to be. I get winded just from doing 15 minutes of basics and during class last night it felt like I was starting Haidong Gumdo all over again. On the flip side of that; I got to start up Haidong Gumdo last night! picking up a sword again and training felt AMAZING. I wasn’t going to let a nasty cold completely stop me from training. I can build my stamina back up and I will keep going. Also, for the first time in a while the whole Northwind crew got to train together, work on sparring drills and toss Master Bruce around.

After last week’s class, part of the Northwind crew splurged and saw Kung Fu Panda 3. Spoiler alert! It’s a ton of fun and if you teach (or have tried to teach) it’s even more entertaining. If anyone who’s interested in martial arts in any way has not seen the series I highly recommend it. All three movies are solid and the third one especially hit home to me to get back on my feet and keep training. Other news: Northwind has dived into a kick-starter for one of the best gaming series ever produced. Dead Gentlemen’s Journey Quest season  3! Without their successful kick starter this small gaming company would have ended their production of the series at season 2.  Dead Gentlemen is also known for their movies: The Gamers, The Gamers: Dorness Rising, Demon Hunters, and (even lesser known) Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake. As nerds and a small business we felt it was only proper to support other nerds with their small business.

I forget the exact numbers but the kick-starter made their goal of, something like,  420,000$ for the show. That may seem like a lot for a small company, but that’s their budget needed for the ENTIRE season. Most main stream shows have at least that budget for a single episode. (I hear Supernatural gets a budget of 2 million for one) We have made personal contributions and Northwind as a business contributed.Rewards included a copy of the dvd, a thankyou mention on the credits, replica of the bardic immunity badge, Perf’s hat ( the wizzard) coining a new word in the Orcish language,  and even becoming an official cast member. Northwind did not have that kind of money but we settled for a copy of the dvd and being mentioned in the credits! We’re all pretty excited : )