For those students testing for Chodan this spring:


Here are the exam dates, times, and requirements.

Musashi find the WayTODAY (Test minus 2 months)
If you haven’t started training intensely for your Chodan exam, it’s time to start.  In cross country and track we had the saying kick it in, hitting that last stretch before the finish line when there was no time or room for a reserve, it was time to leave all you had on the track from here to there.  With just over 6 weeks of training (and 1 to train lightly, review, and rest) before the big event, it’s time to kick it in.  You have trained for years now.  Finish your gup journey strong, and you will enter your Chodan journey strong.

EASTER SUNDAY, March 27th, 2016 (Test minus 6 weeks)
Your World Haidong Gumdo fees and paperwork need to be in my hand by this date, because I’ll be handing them to Master Koivisto the next day.Kung-Fu-Panda-Master-Shifu-gives-Po-the-Dragon-Scroll

MOCK EXAM SUNDAY, April 24th, 2016 (Test minus 2 weeks)
We will conduct a final review exam on the 24th.  Since your actual test will be in the Twin Cities, this will be an excellent opportunity for friends or family who can’t make the trip see you perform.  Non-federation school requirements, such as sparring drills, will be tested here.

Black Belt InvincibleThe essay portion of your Chodan application is due by the start of class on April 24th.  Student essays will be at least 2,000 (and not more than 5,000, Mr. Hartshorn) words on the following topic.

Describe your mudo, your warrior spirit.  Consider discussing how your mudo shows in your Haidong Gumdo art, and/or how training in Haidong Gumdo has shaped your mudo.

A DAY TO PLAY, May 1st, 2016 (Test minus 1 week)
The week before seminar will be a day to relax, have fun.  We will hit projectiles with sword-shaped objects, cut paper, and enjoy Haidong Gumdo as a school.  If you have questions for final review, we can take some time to go over those as needed.


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