Earlier this week I had many opportunities to train, but my discipline failed and I ended up not training at all. I relaxed this week, and now I realize that was a big mistake. Tonight’s class is probably going to HURT, but I’ll survive (hopefully). That’s what I get for not practicing and not keeping my physical endurance at it’s best. Tonight might be a big test of mudo and focus to keep going far after my legs start to shake and my arms want to fall off, far after my bandana has been soaked through and sweat starts dripping into my eyes and forming a little puddle around my feet. I’ve heard from a few masters: embrace the suck. At first, I didn’t know what that meant (I didn’t want to embrace the suck), now I’ve got a better understanding. Things only hurt so much and if you can train through that pain, you WILL get stronger and better.  (I’m gonna die…I’m gonna die…) This should be an awesome class, and this is why I train.