The Midwest Haidong Gumdo masters met with Grandmaster J.W. Kim in the Twin Cities for our bi-annual master’s training!

Spring 2015 Master's Training Notes

As always it was a privilege and a joy to train in Haidong Gumdo with the other school leaders.  Everyone showed great mudo and dedication, with many masters making time from family and friends on the holiday weekend to be able to better serve their school.

Northwind Martial Arts LLC wants to welcome Master Eric Lee from Boltz Family Martial Arts Academy, who will be starting his own school soon!  It’s great to have you!

Congratulations to Masters Doug Lewis and Shawn Yennie on their successful testing!  Their hard work and dedication has brought them a long way and I look forward to training with them in the future!

As always thanks to Master Boltz for hosting training in his excellent facility at Boltz Family Martial Arts Academy.  Thanks to Master Rob Frankovich for bringing Haidong Gumdo to the region and then inviting us all to train and learn with him.

Of course thanks are due to Kwangjangnim Kim for his encouragement and instruction.  (“Faster!”)

It was also a great treat that more than forty-five students from schools throughout the region showed up for Grandmaster Kim’s student seminar on Monday night.  It was a sight to behold.


A lot of hard work later, we’re all better prepared for this summer’s Mulympia event in Las Vegas!