I actually ended up sitting out of Sunday’s class. However, that did not stop me from taking notes and adding my own thoughts just for giggles from what the guys were literally doing and saying in front of me. Master Bruce led another great class, there was a LOT of Mudo from the guys and it was still a lot of fun.I consolidated all my random scribbles into one blog post for Northwind’s amusement reference. I am probably butchering all the spelling for the Korean words so bear with me here…

  • Kimase- place feet about two normal steps apart, turn your toes in, make sure butt is out and just crouch. Don’t worry about your knees, they will fall together naturally.
  • Lateral cuts-Be sure to get the tip out, if you stay tensed up you won’t get the reach. The reach is an extra 6 inches and in a sword fight could be the difference between life and death
  • 6 cut combo-Deep breath, good technique and accelerate cuts, again key is to stay loose and not tense.
  • Daedose- Keep knee over front foot at 90° angle, don’t bounce shoulders forward, face hips forward
  • Sodose- cut with core, don’t hunch or bounce shoulders forward. Transition from daedose—> sodose
  • Stay loose, FASTER, FASTER!!

Then Mr. Hartshorn runs for the trashcan and throws up…

  • Stance focus 1,2,3: travel, lots of travel. Don’t forget to travel on the first boomsae, transition from daedose—> pakosae
  • Cut focus 1: keep eyes forward on one target, don’t follow sword tip, use shoulders and twist the hips
  • Cut focus 2: SHORT FOLD before the lateral cut. Not all the way around the head like gibondoncha (and realizing it the second you did it wrong- Greg)
  • Defense 1,2: X block slightly forward with TIP DOWN, 11 block slightly forward and TIP DOWN. Plant the low blocks into the floor. The blow can slide into the floor/dirt but not your leg/foot

Some time later, Mr. Hartshorn threw up again…Even Greg had to sit and breathe

  • Gyukum 1: Your daedose is your dodge make it as deep as you can, and one smooth motion w/cut, keep body moving
  • Gyukum 2: Yell on first cut, don’t just drop in sodose, travel forward
  • Gyukum 3: After the sword knock, don’t roll sword all the way behind you for the straight cut-that’s just death, make the first two moves as quick as possible
  • Gyukum 4: Keep head and spine straight up and down (don’t hunch) flow from sodose to boomsae
  • Gyukum 5: Short cut, sodose, STAB, chuchunsae. Greg does short cut, sodose, straight cut “pffft” then Evan does shot cut, sodose, straight cut “pffft” (Derp!)
  • Gyukum 6: Don’t over swing on the first move (like in 3, that’s death) Just point the pommel to the bad guy, watch cut line.
  • Gyukum 7: The Chihase does not need to be 45°, just straight and speed, lots of speed!
  • Gyukum 8: use the lateral cut to wind up your body, and the spin to unwind. Roll right into chuchunsae, (and don’t loose your balance in boomsae Evan)
  • Form 5: Make a Clear difference in the sword knock. Half circle, big knock over shoulder. Half circle, big knock over shoulder. When rolling, roll forward not in a U shape (How Evan??)
  • There are ‘sword stances’ in forms take two good breaths in then EXPLODE
  • Form 8: The first ‘sword stance’ is after the draw- chihasae then after the butterfly cut at walking stance