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The difference between knowledge and performance is training.

Let me say that again.


Time training, exercising, doing the tough and often un-fun drudgery of repetition, analysis, and review; these are the things that take our head knowledge and forge them into practical skills.  This is the difference between a baseball fan, who may know every statistic there is to know, and the member of the Cleveland Indians.

Of course, there is more to it than a simple repetition.  If we are to be our best, we are building these skills on a baseline of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.  The less we worry about our ability to stand, to breathe, to reach, and to move, the more energy we have to put into moving correctly.

I want to give particular congratulations to Mrs. Malbraaten who has added regular cardio to her training regimen, with the result that she is now ending Kibon Doncha less winded and more ready to go forward than the men.  The proof is in the tiny package of awesome: cardio counts.  But Katie does not have a skill we do not, she is simply using a skill more than others in class.  By praising her, I absolutely hope to spur the other students on!

Folks, as a forty-something, let me tell you that it does not get easier to get back into shape now.  Take the time to give your body a solid foundation for your art.  Train hard.