Northwind Martial Arts was greatly blessed to have Master Rick Osborne from Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo visit and lead our practice exam this past Sunday night.

Once again everyone showed up and gave a great performance with a lot of material.

My favorite portion of the past two weeks of practice tests and training with visiting masters has been the looks on the students’ faces when they hear Masters Koivisto, Oz, and Mr. Kent talk about the fact that after the years’ of hard work, they are ready to test for their 1st-degree black belts and begin their real study of Haidong Gumdo.

I find that particularly exciting as I look forward to seeing that moment magnified in front of the entire region when they put on their belts and take up their new ranks and responsibilities.

Master Oz didn’t just take the time out of his busy schedule to drive all the way to Bemidji to sit for the exam.  He spent the last third of class breaking down what he saw, and turned the practice test into a miniature seminar, with a ton of great pointers, examples, and details to incorporate into our art.

The saying goes that a good teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires, and with Masters Oz and Koivisto’s visits it has been a great reminder that the Midwest Haidong Gumdo leaders have some great teachers indeed.