I’m sure by now people have heard of the most popular game for cell phones called Pokemon Go. Before anyone asks- yes I am a ‘Go’ player-yes I enjoy it- I’m on the red team. (TEAM VALOR!) Say what you want about the game it’s FUN. For veteran players it’s a simplified version of the original games (for now) for newbies (like me) it’s got enough components to make you think and learn what about what pokemon is the best kind for the situation. Catching pokemon is simple and the more you have, the stronger you get. Why am I doing a blog post on Pokemon Go? Because this game has given me and my husband more inspiration to go on walks together. We have done more walking in the past week than in the past three months put together. It’s also helping us develop new, healthier habits of getting our butts out of bed earlier, jogging, and drinking more water; Which we should be doing anyway. This vital force has also gotten us to say hi to some interesting people we normally would have just ignored. There have been a few good stories that I won’t post in this blog. To get the best or different pokemon that can’t be found easily, you walk (or jog) and hatch eggs. Once the GPS has recorded you have traveled a certain distance which ranges from 2 km to 10 km you egg will hatch. So I may or may not have been jogging with my phone in my hand just to hatch eggs….I’m cardio training I swear…..I’m also thinking about ways to have the game open while doing forms because I can’t just keep it in my pocket (doesn’t work so well) this game is great motivation for training that I should be doing anyway, and it’s amazing how a cell phone game has become part of life so quickly.