During Sunday’s test/class I was expecting to watch Mr. Hartshorn review the color belt material alone in front of Master Burns and the rest of the Northwind class. I’d be on the side of the gym secretly enjoying him struggle under the pressure, but when Master Burns kindly asked me to be up there with him- those few words taught me a quick lesson: Don’t. Neglect. Color. Belt. Material.

I thought I understood the color belt material well enough, I tried to show off to the new potential students that ‘I was a black belt’ and I knew what I was doing, but I hadn’t practiced the material regularly and once I got put in the spotlight, I fumbled with almost everything. A duty of a black belt means that you can be put on the spot and show off the color belt material not just correctly, but beautifully. I failed at that duty on Sunday so it’s back to more training. I made it my next goal to run through color belt stuff-even if it’s only just once- with my regular training to keep it polished.