Ten and Today TrainI’m super-excited about the changes that Northwind Martial Arts LLC is undergoing with several new students in the course of 2016.  (Half of the students have been studying less than six months.)

Do not be surprised at my enthusiasm!  Teaching the new students has given the senior students a great chance to review the basics.  There is no better way to relearn the basics than to teach them!

Let me state this in flaming letters fifty feet tall:

All Martial Arts Are The Basics

A few points to defend my thesis, that I have heard other masters state in this art or others.

  • If your stances are no good, your karate is no good.
  • Every time masters get together, they work on the basics before anything else.
  • Advanced techniques are simple techniques performed more efficiently.
  • Sand the Floor
    Sand The Floor: 1 Move for 1 Day

    “I don’t fear the man who has performed a thousand kicks one time, but the man who has performed one kick a thousand times.” –
    Bruce Lee

“First learn sand-the-floor.” -Pat Morita as Mr. Miagi in a movie whose entire concept is that well-learned basics defeat all the fancy moves in the world.
Now that you have been reminded about the joys and vital roll of basics, I want to share one of Master J. W. Kim’s Kibon Dongjak warm-ups that he inflicted shared with the region’s masters during training this spring.

Train More Sword Version My challenge for you is to embrace this work-out when you train on your own.  Do it right.  Make it clean.  Put as much speed and focus into the routine that you can and make it correct and clean.

  1. Kimase
  2. Straight Cut x40
  3. Left-Right Cut x10
  4. 3-Cut Combination x10
  5. Horizontal Cut 20x
  6. Long angle Cut (Down) 10x
  7. Long angle Cut (Reverse) 10x
  8. 6-Cut Combo 10x
  9. Long Name for Stand on One Foot: Hold the first pose for 10 seconds, then perform 20 straight cuts in the stance.  Change stance and hold for 10 seconds, then perform 20 straight cuts in the stance.
  10. Walking Stance: 10x each
  11. Forward-Back cuts 20x Fast!  Faster!  Are you going faster yet!?!?!
  12. 4-cut combo 20x!  Fast!  No, now this time actually fast!
  13. Sodose: 20 straight cuts in stance, turn, and 20 straight cuts in stance facing the other way.
  14. Sodose: forward-back Cut 40x
  15. Sky stance: 3x
  16. Chiase: Forward.  Back.
  17. Sheathe.
Stance Training
Remember Drunken Master? Our stance training is so easy compared to this! No sweat!