Get ready for a weekend of training, learning, and testing at the 2016 Fall Training and Testing seminar for Midwest Haidong Gumdo!

Twice a year the students and masters of the region’s schools get together for a weekend event!  This year’s seminar will take place Saturday and Sunday, November 12th-13th in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota!

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to attend a regional seminar yet, here are some of the highlights that we’ve gotten out of previous regional seminars!

Martial Arts Community!

The Midwest Haidong Gumdo region of the U.S.A. Haidong Gumdo Association is an amazing group of schools that have come together to “play well with others”.  It’s one thing to know that our regional masters maintain an open-door policy to welcome students who travel or find themselves abroad for schooling.  It’s another thing entirely to have a chance to line up and train with forty or more students from schools up to nine hours away!  There’s nothing quite like the feel of large group drills, or finding so many strangers who quickly become friends through the shared experiences in Haidong Gumdo!

Test Long Angle

Train with Regional Masters!

1107151314aEach seminar is a chance to see your curriculum through new eyes.  Midwest Haidong Gumdo represents ten schools with masters from a diversity of backgrounds.  Seminars let us benefit from from those new perspectives.  Each chance to revisit a form or learn a new drill under another master can give fresh understanding

Large group sessions cover fundamentals and core dsc_0031curriculum with energy and fun.  Small group time with masters from other schools gives a fresh perspective on each rank’s forms and drills.  Frequently these seminars give previews of forms and techniques not required for months or years in a student’s personal training.  Knowing what lies ahead can be a great motivator to reach new heights in your martial arts journey.

Gup and Dan Testing!

Test Katie Long Angle SSGB8The high point in each regional seminar is the chance to test and promote alongside students from a broad diversity of schools, ages, and backgrounds in front of the region’s masters.  This is where you get to see students of other schools bring their best performances, and their hard work is recognized and awarded.  It is a real treat to see how your fellow students have grown and advanced, and to demonstrate your own progress in our Haidong Gumdo journey!

Support Lessons!

sword-cleaningSeminars have been a great opportunity to learn about aspects of the art off the mat as well as on.  Seminars have included lessons on sword care, choices for resources, some of the history of the art, and more.  There is no telling what extra bits of information will be present to help you in your journey!  The only way to know is to be there!

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