I admit, the past month or so has been one of the most mentally challenging months in my adult life. With the stress of work, my hubby being in and out of the hospital, keeping the house clean, and trying to keep myself healthy, training unfortunately got put on the back burner. No, I hadn’t quit. I had just taken a brief break. Breaks happen. As long as you come back from them it’s o.k (even if it takes years). My hubby is now home, he’s still recovering but he’s more independent and I promised him (and my school) that I would get back to regular training. Yesterday I decided to invest in some brightly-colored athletic clothing and went out for my first run in over a month. (There’s something about new clothes that just makes it more interesting) I didn’t go very far, or very fast, but I ran.

It’s better than nothing and push in the general direction. I will need to re build up the physical endurance that I had (maybe I will get even better). If I can train out in the snow and the cold, what’s stopping me from trying to run in the cold? I’d just need to be guided on what gear to use. It’s my duty for multiple reasons to come back to training and working hard over the winter months. First as a wife to stay healthy, then second to my school, to continue to learn, be an example to the other students and be a better teacher. By the way, thank you Master Burns for that previous blog post.