Northwind Martial Arts LLC had a great time at Midwest Haidong Gumdo’s Fall 2016 Seminar in the Twin Cities.

Thanks to Master Frankovich for organizing and teaching so many parts of the curriculum!  Masters Rose and Shirk gave us a lot of new information on individual and group sword dance rules and tips, which was something several of my students had been curious about.

We had forms drills, spinning drills, running cuts, sword disarms (very cool) from Master Frankovich’s Aikido background, a forms marathon or three, and of course the highlight of the gathering was the gup- and dan-level promotion exams Saturday night.

Northwind Martial Arts LLC offers congratulations to everyone who showed up to learn and test.  It is a privilege to see everyone’s hard work pay off in their martial arts journey.  Special congratulations go to our own Mr. Evan Hartshorn who reached his 1st-degree black belt this month, and has officially begun his path as a martial artist!  We look forward to great things from you in the future, and we’re glad to have had you with us so far!

Then, of course, the Midwest Haidong Gumdo family proved that we’re a family above all else, and enjoyed hours of fellowship and bantering at The Mermaid.  Good food and fellowship with the distant friends we have made at our brother and sister schools throughout the region are always a treat.

Here are some videos and pictures from the experience, and I hope you enjoyed them half as much as we enjoyed the event that spawned them!


-Bruce Burns