First off, I want to say that I’m exited to see how much Northwind Martial arts has been growing. I”m very proud to see Mr. Cookman and young Mr. Jasper testing and taking another step in their art, again I’m super proud to see Evan stick with us and achieve black belt, I look forward to Mr. Chad joining us next month and happy to see Mr. Skjaret join us the past two weeks.

Secondly, after testing Mr Jasper last night, the Northwind students kicked back, and had some fun. We first taught the newbies our favorite down time game: ping pong with swords! Both caught on quickly, Mr Skjaret kept sending the balls halfway up the wall and a few bounced to the ceiling (Blacksmith smash!)  Then we did some running drills, Master Burns threw us (me) for a loop when he asked for a running straight upward cut but everyone figured it out (sort of). The last 45 minutes of class were spent teaching what we call ‘Zombie’ drills. In Zombie 1 some one of the edge of the circle (one at a time) walks forward to stab the person in the middle. Middle person simply has to block and or get out of the way and everyone succeeded that one! We showed the two newbies “Zombie” 2 and 3 which were harder and even more complex. Mr Skjaret was bold and attempted all 3. (multiple times) He didn’t get enough points to pass and stepped out of the ring a few times, but we all had a TON of fun and I think that’s what really mattered.

Thirdly, it’s getting to that time of year again. That special time of year called WINTER. That means time to make some modifications to training. It does not mean that because it’s cold and dark we get to put training on hold. To train outside we recommend dressing appropriately  to stay warm and dry. (If you train hard enough your own body heat should keep you warm even in negative digits). It may seem crazy to an an average person that we’d go out and train in the snow, but think about marathon runners: If they only ran on the most comfortable sunny days, most of them wouldn’t improve at all (especially if they lived up here).


The real champions are those who are willing and dedicated enough to train in ANY sort of weather. Martial arts is the same thing, the elite and the bad-asses train in ANY sort of weather. One of the reasons that the Northwind LLC logo is a snowflake is because the four founders do some of their best training in the snow.