Northwind Martial Arts LLC wants to wish all of our community and fellow practitioners a Merry Christmas this season!

Adoration of the Magi, by Woonbo Kim Ki-chang, via

As practitioners of Korean martial arts, it is interesting to note that Korea has a long and vibrant Christian tradition!  It is the only Asian country that evangelized itself (scholars heard of the Christian church in China and sent people to learn of this new faith).  Korea’s church endured persecution and martyrdom during the Japanese occupation, but still survived.  Today the only country that sends out more missionaries than the South Korea is America.

As this Christmas comes around, I wanted to celebrate this part of Korean tradition by showing a series of paintings by the late Korean artist Woon Bo Kim Ki-Chang, which he painted in a single year during the Korean War as he hoped for peace in a time of conflict.  The paintings reflect the belief that Christianity is a message for all people, places, and times.

While we welcome practitioners of all faiths and creeds, this is a good time to show respect to an often-overlooked aspect of Korean culture, the same way that Christian and western cultures have admired the works of art and literature dedicated to the Greco-Roman gods and other faiths.  Whether this is a celebration of your faith or culture, or a chance to appreciate cultural diversity this holiday season, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

(All paintings are by Woon Bo Kim Ki-Chang, publicized by