Grandmaster Kim Seminar!

mn-masters-training-kibon-jasewabegiSaturday, April 1st, 2017, Grandmaster Kim will be in America training our regional masters.  Grandmaster Kim also graciously puts aside time during Masters’ Training to teach an evening seminar for the general students.  This is a chance to learn from the head of our martial art for the continent!  It is well worth the time!  I do not have location specifics for the seminar but I will keep everyone updated as much as possible!

Spring Midwest Haidong Gumdo Seminar!

This spring regional seminar will be May 20-21st.  Twice a year all of the schools in the region get together for seminars!  This is a great chance to learn under other masters, meet and train with students from other schools, and represent the school!  Black belt level testing is the highlight of each seminar, with cutting and high-level performances that are worth seeing.  Frequently these seminars contain bonus material you won’t get anywhere else!  Last seminar covered unarmed defenses against swords, and sword dance lessons!