Today’s Guest Blog comes from J.R.  Glad to have you with us, sir!

So in class the other day Master Bruce spent some time talking about how you need to get at least a couple hours of training in a week to see any kind of real progress but that the training could be partly mental if no time physical training was available.

Mohammed Ali TrainingSo I’ve spent the last few weeks at work reviewing my stances while stocking shelves or labeling products along with rehearsing the patterns and techniques as best as I can in my head and so far I have seen some improvement on my ability to cut properly and retain the new techniques after they have been taught to me.

Obviously I know this does not substitute for physical training when it comes to building the endurance or gaining the flexibility needed for our art, however it is still useful as supplemental training. I would highly encourage any new students to this school that come and read this blog that you give this a try when you have down time during your classes after your work is done or you’re on break and have nothing better to do.