I wanted to share more scheduling and news about our upcoming seminar!
Who is going?
I will be attending the seminar.  Mr. Skjaret and Misters Wiley have registered.  I have verbal confirmation of intent from Mr. & Mrs. Malbraaten.  If Mr. Cookman joins us we will have 100% attendance from our active members!
With a group of 6-7 martial artists, we aren’t all going to fit into one car.  I believe the current plan is to rendez-vous in Bemidji and carpool down in two vehicles?  My vehicle is available and we will look for a second.  We are working out more details as we go forward.  I would like to arrange two vehicles, but we will have to see if it becomes three if I need to drive down separately from Grand Forks and scoop up Mr. Cookman from out west.
Tentative Schedule
Here is the best scheduling information that I have, from the regional website.  I will put a blog post on the northwindswords.com website as well and edit as details become more clear!
May 2016 Seminar GroupFriday
6pm Depart Bemidji (Swords ho!)
11pm Arrive at the Twin Cities.  We usually stay at the Motel 6 in Brooklyn Center, but can make other arrangements as soon as we know our needs.
Depart Hotel by 8:30-9am (Breakfast on the way is usually Burger King or McDonalds).  There really isn’t much time to grab a formal lunch through the training sessions on Saturday, so we may swing through WalMart on the way down to make sure everyone has beverages and something to munch on between sessions!  No one should have to test on an empty stomach!
10am Seminar starts at Prairie Seeds Academy in Brooklyn Center.
10am-11:30 Session 1
11:45-1:15 Session 2
1:30-2:30 Session 3
2:30-3:00 Session 4
3:15-4:30 Testing
Test Greg Cut Before
5:00 Group Dinner at the Mermaid Restaurant (family and friends welcome).
9:00 Return to Hotel.
NOTE: As a change from previous seminars, I have found a church in the Cities that has an 8am service that is over in time to make it to 10:00 am training, though it is a bit of a hustle.  So I will be going to church, and everyone is welcome to join me.  If we have people who want to sleep in, or if the other car makes early worship arrangements, we can rendezvous and check out at the hotel before training or we can meet at training.
7evan-gets-his-belt:15 Depart for church (Optional)
8:00 Worship at Christ Lutheran Church, North St. Paul
10:00 – 12:00 Session 5 at Prairie Seeds Academy
12:00 – 2:00 Session 2 at Prairie Seeds Academy
2:45 Depart Minneapolis for home (Swords ho!)
(Lunch on the way)
7:30-7:45 Return to Bemidji and disembark.