I tried something new this week, or at least, something I haven’t done in a loooong time: Jogging after work. Not just sitting on my butt for an hour playing a video game or taking a nap, eating dinner then going for a jog. But the next minute I walk in the door, change into running clothes and proper shoes (maybe get a glass of water or two), put my headphones in and get outside before my brain really gets a chance to figure out what I’m doing. By the time I realize it, I’m outside and ready to go and there’s no turning back.

My usual go-to stress relief used to be either chocolate, alcohol- neither were healthy options anymore once I decided to keep a tighter lid on a diet- or meditate for an hour. God almost had to take away nearly every single easy option for me to get my ass in gear and go out for a run. That being said, God is in control. Once I”m outside and jogging with my music, it’s just me and God wind the wind in my face. I run out all the stress of my day and ride on the endorphins. Call me insane, but it actually felt amazing. The other day, by chance I saw a licence plate that said BELIEV, I felt then that God was starting to reward me and I continued to push myself another lap around the block when I wanted to stop and go inside. I also feel like I’m finally making progress on my training goals. Running is something I needed to do anyway to build up cardio and endurance, but I finally have found a reason to do it for fun.