Summer has flown by, but the autumn lies ahead with a lot of interesting activities to come as we close out the year!

West Dojang: Fall Promotion

Northwind West will hold its next promotion test on Saturday, September 23rd at the regular class time.  We will have an open class/review period for the first hour of class and formal testing on the second half.  There is no fee to test for white belt or white/yellow belt.  Students testing for yellow belt and above, remember you need to have completed 18 hours of class time.  Testing fee is $40.00 per student.

Those of you who will not test in September can consider testing at the regional seminar November 11-12 in the Twin Cities or the Bemidji location Sunday, November 19th.

NOTE: Since October is harvesting season and the West Dojang’s class has a promotion schedule slightly off of the rest of the region we will have a long training cycle through the winter.  The next test will be the first weekend in February for both schools.  After that point both dojangs will be in synch with the regional schedule.

East Dojang: Fall Promotion

Northwind East will have two opportunities for promotion this fall.  Students who are unable to test at the fall seminar can test at the Bemidji location Sunday, November 19th.

2017 Fall Midwest Testing & Seminar

Twice a year the whole region gets together to train and test as a group.  This event is open to students from all ranks.  The seminar will be in the Twin Cities on November 11th and 12th, with details and student registration here.  If you are interested in testing at the seminar, let me know ahead of time.


There will be no class the weekend after Thanksgiving: November 25th-26th.
There will be no class december 23rd-24th for the Christmas Holiday.

2018 Cuts for 2018!

Be sure to train up and prepare for our cutting marathon!  At the first class of each year we cut in the new year.  That’s 2018 cuts for this year!

Survivors Participants can look forward to great memories, sore shoulders, and a certificate of achievement if you make it through all 2018 cuts!  We had a blast in 2017 and 2016!