The summer has flown by, and I have a pair of seminar announcements to make!

We are two months away from the 2017 Fall Midwest Seminar & Testing!

This is a two-day event on Saturday and Sunday, November 11th-12th.

JR and Jim Run the Gauntlet

Saturday training will be from 10am-3pm at Fridley High School.
6000 W Moore Lake Dr NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432

Gup and Black Belt Testing begins at 3:15 pm.

(Typically the seminar group gets together for dinner after black belt testing Saturday evening.)

Sky Stance Spring Test 2017

Sunday Training will be from 10am – 2pm at White Tiger Martial Arts – Twin Cities
7263 Commerce Cir W
Minneapolis, MN 55432

The fee for the fall seminar is $50.00 per student for those who want to attend.

How to register:
1] Fill out the registration form and payment at the regional website.
2] Let me know if you are planning to attend.  The more people we know about ahead of time the easier it is to work out travel arrangements.
3] If you are interested in testing at the regional seminar, please speak to me and we will look at eligibility and training schedules to prepare you.

Seminar Basics Sodose Spring 2017

Further out, Chief Master Marshal Parnell will lead a seminar for the region on February 9-11, 2018.  I will get you more details as they become available.