I realize that I haven’t done a blog post in quite some time. I felt that I had very little results or training stories to share recently. For the past two months (ok maybe three), most of my time and energy had been put into searching for, buying, moving into, cleaning and unpacking my new house. Life seems to have more-or less stabilized on that front (though there is still more work to be done) and I can get back to more consistent training.
If it wasn’t for the school, and my awesome husband, I may have put down training all together for that time, but I have good news, I didn’t. There were many, many days that I wanted to be lazy and stay home, but Greg pressed me to keep going to class. I understand better now how important that was. My journey as a martial artist had to keep moving forward.
Some time ago, Master Burns made a post about how training could be like water.

Water Sword

You could be putting all the effort you had, and still feel like you were gaining no ground. Like roaring waves crashing into the shore of a cliff, but if you still kept going eventually you’d wear that cliff side down by grains of sand, look down and there’s a beautiful beach at it’s base. The important thing was just to Keep GOING.
For me, I did keep going. I wasn’t the pounding waves on a cliff, but a river. A slow moving, (Ok, I’ll be honest with my self, lazy) river. Like the kind you see in the swamps of Florida.
It’s been more of a mental battle to gain any ground on material verses a physical battle. I’m a bit embarrassed to be typing about this, but the bottle neck I’ve come to in my training is simply, fear. Fear of things I don’t quite know how to do, or fear of hurting myself doing said things I don’t quite know how to do yet. Fear is something that I need to learn to overcome if I truly want to grow in my art, and myself. Moving at a ‘lazy river’ pace won’t get me to my goals in time. I will have to do my best to pick up the pace. Squeeze that river into the narrow channel so to speak, ride those rapids and move onward on my journey to 2nd dan.
For anyone who’s seen Journey Quest, ONWAAAARD!