We have a big weekend planned this summer for Northwind Martial Arts students!

First, on August 10, 2018 we will have our first ever public demonstration at the Beltrami County Fair in Bemidji, Minnesota. We will be giving a couple of shows that day and hanging around to answer questions and interact with the public. Volunteers are welcome!

Let us know if you want to participate!

The very next day we’re happy to pass along Range Martial Arts’ invitation to the annual Cutting on the Range party in Chisolm, MN. There is space available for camping. The cost for the event (all-day cutting) is $30.00 per student registering before July 14, and $45.00 for those cutting afterwards. Ask myself or Mr. Malbraaten about the experience if you’re in doubt. There just isn’t another chance to get cutting practice quite like this one.

Northwind Martial Arts got started at Range Martial Arts. It is always good to get a chance to meet and train with our extended family there.