Northwind Swords

Haidong Gumdo in Northern Minnesota


The following documents are for student use only.  They are NOT to be shared with anyone outside of Northwind Martial Arts LLC or other students in the Midwest Haidong Gumdo Association!

Gup Curriculum

ChoDan Curriculum (under construction)

* All gups above 10 require at least 18 hours of class time training with a USA Haidong Gumdo Association Master or their designated teacher.  10 Gup only requires knowledge of the basic stances and cuts.  If you do train with another master (visiting, seminars, etc.) please let us know so that we can count those hours towards your training time!

The Challenge System

Because our training and practice schedules are so widely varied, I am going to incorporate Master Boltz’ challenge system for promotions and advancement.  How it works: Before you can promote, you have to challenge each portion of the curriculum (forms, 10-step, focus drill, etc.).  The challenge is a one-topic demonstration, and if you pass you have shown that you are ready to test on that item.  Once you have challenged on all of the items on your gup level you are ready to promote.

This gives you a clear method to track your progress in your gup level.  It will allow you to mark your minor victories on your path towards your major goals.  The challenge does not mean that you have mastered the technique, so slack off, it means that you’re in the range of where you need to be for the test, so keep polishing!

No one can challenge until a week after they’ve learned a technique.  So if you learn form 6 in a day, you still have to wait until the next week to challenge.

I will not ask a student to challenge.  Each student must judge whether or not they feel ready to challenge.

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