Northwind Swords

Haidong Gumdo in Northern Minnesota

Northwind Martial Arts — West

Northwind Martial Arts LLC is pleased to announce classes in the Fisher, Minnesota area!

September 2017 Promotion GroupThanks to generous cooperation from the City of Fisher and Fisher Farmer’s Coop & Fuel, we will offer martial arts training in Haidong Gumdo style swordsmanship at the old water tower location across from the Emergency Center in Fisher, MN during the summer season, and indoor training at the Farmer’s Coop & Fuel garage behind the grain elevator during winter.

Winter Training Notes:

Safety is our priority. We train out of the wind and elements, but the training space is not heated. Students should feel free to wear whatever warm weather gear is appropriate in the weather. Please bring a pair of dry training footwear to change into during class. Any snow and ice we track into the training floor will be with us until spring!!!

101 3rd St. North.  Fisher MN, 56723
For inquiries contact us at our normal business address.
Classes: Saturdays 5pm – 7pm

Who can train?

Because of liability for a weapons-based martial art, classes are open to all students from 13-75.  As a region Midwest Haidong Gumdo has about a 9:1 adult to child student ratio.  There are ‘gentle’ versions of the forms that provide a low-risk challenge to the aging, and athletic versions of the forms for the young and energetic practitioner.  We accept all students from 13-100 years old.  Students under 13 must get permission from Northwind Martial Arts LLC to attend class.

Because Haidong Gumdo is a weapons-based martial art and a serious discipline, Northwind Martial Arts LLC strongly encourages parental attendance for any student under the age of 16.

Promotion Basic CutsTuition and Fees:

Classes will be offered at the same rate as our principle location.  We train at the mercy of the weather (no class during thunderstorms, unsafe heat levels, or freezing weather over the winter).  Added to this, the summer season is full of vacations, holidays, and other special events.  The individual class fee is $10.00 per 2-hour session, and that may be the best way to pay for classes.  Also feel free to take advantage of our Zombie Apocalypse starter package which offers gear and 3 months’ tuition at a discounted rate.

What to Bring:

Participants without a uniform should wear loose, comfortable clothes that they can move in, and shoes.  Students should consistently bring a water bottle, a handkerchief or small towel, an pen and paper for notes.  Also please remember that the lot does not have restroom facilities, so plan accordingly!  (The Fisher C-Store is not a long walk away but is still a walk if there is an emergency.)  Parents and others attending should consider bringing a folding chair or other comforts as class is two hours long.

Candle Snuffing

Moving Forward

While outdoor will be necessarily less regimented than a full-time dojang (studio), we will offer advancement and promotional opportunities for students attending.  This is still an official Haidong Gumdo class.  I hope to hold two promotion exams this year: One at the end of September and another at the end of class for the year, around late October or early November.  Students will need to complete 18 hours’ class time to be eligible for promotion.

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