Northwind Swords

Haidong Gumdo in Northern Minnesota


Nerds are great amalgamation devices and horrible originators, so there ought to be a page of links to our source material!

Oh!  Look!

Here is the English version of the World Haidong Gumdo Federation!

No page of links would be complete without Chief Master Marshall Parnell’s own website.  He’s the head of our martial art in the country!

The Midwest Haidong Gumdo website is up and running with a complete list of the region’s schools!

No page would be complete without Range Martial Arts, Northwind’s parent school under Master Koivisto!

If you live in the Duluth area, check out Master Rick Osborne’s Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo on their Facebook site or check out their new school website!

Master Frankovich is the man who makes Minnesota’s Haidong Gumdo association what it is!  He’s also a really great guy and a good teacher!  Twin Cities area folks should check out his White Tiger Martial Arts!

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