Northwind Swords

Haidong Gumdo in Northern Minnesota

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2015

Midwest Haidong Gumdo gathered on Memorial Day weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!  The Northwind Martial Arts crew was delighted for the chance to head down and show what we could do!  Ren Fest was a delight!  The crowds were great!  It was an amazing chance to see some of our Haidong Gumdo brethren!

Thanks to Master Shirk for arranging the Sunday demonstrations, to Mr. Mark Wurdeman for his participation and leadership, for Mr. Eric (aka the Grand Duke of Tuscany) for facilitating with the Renaissance Festival crew!

It really isn’t training without Gibon Doncha!  The Midwest Haidong Crew showed off our fundamental techniques!

No performance survives contact with the enemy!

Group Forms were a crowd pleaser!  Here is Ssangsu Gumbup 1.

First Mrs. Malbraaten showed us Ssangsu Gumbup 4.  Then we took it and expanded on the experience!

We had a little banter, and a bit of a tussle to show some ways that Ssangsu Gumbup 4 can turn into a fight.

Mr. Malbraaten showed us Ssangsu Gumbup 5.

I got to give Ssangsu Gumbup 6 a spin.

Mr. Hartshorn showed off Ssangsu Gumbup 7, and the mudo to turn the unexexpected into a demonstration on how to fight through adversity!  Very cool.

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