This weekend was an excellent adventure as Masters Frankovich, Koivisto, Oz, and I came together at Range Martial Arts in Chisolm, MN for two days of training.  The four-hour workouts were chock-full of feedback, new information, and exciting ideas for the direction in which my art should develop.  They were almost secondary to the hours of conversation, comparing notes, talking shop, and having more experienced leaders to help me refine how I want to guide my school in the future.

I typed three hours’ worth of notes from Master Frankovich’s feedback about Ssagnsu Gumbeob, which are going to be very exciting!  I can’t wait to see the Nerd Posse’s faces when I start incorporating solid walls into their training regimen!

Sunday included a four-hour workout, a bit of 1 on 1 coaching on the side as someone prepared for their test, and then 3.5 hours of basics class and promotions.  I got to work with Master Oz, who walked us all through partnered ssangsu gyukgeom.

13 Assassins Final Fight

Partnered Gyukgeom is something I need to work on, which my solo training does not lend itself to.  I’ve got stance work, and forms work to do, along with a better understanding of what to look for from my own students.

The final treat for the day came in the chance to watch Range Martial Arts’ promotion.  Since the Northwind crew began as students at Range Martial Arts, it was a treat to see how far some of our former training partners had come this summer (wow!) and some older students returning to the art.

Northwind Martial Arts LLC’s promotion is coming up in a matter of days, and I’m very excited to see how the nerds face that hurdle.  Then it will be time to start incorporating our increased knowledge into our school’s repertoire!