Northwind Swords

Haidong Gumdo in Northern Minnesota


The School is Closed but Haidong Continues

Due to the economic and legal impacts of Minnesota’s coronavirus policies, we are unable to continue as a regular open school at this time. I (Master Burns) will be making monthly trips up through the north woods area. If you are interested in private lessons, contact me for further details.

If we get enough students in a given area together to make open classrooms viable again, I may make my trips up more frequent. To all of our potential students and everyone who has joined us in our jouney so far, it has been a blessing! Remember the words of Eyal Yanilov, a world leader in Krav Maga:

“If you can train on your own, good.
If you can train with a friend, even better.
If you can train in a dojo, that is excellent!
But wherever you are, whatever you do…
Train!” -Eyal Yanilov

jasper-cutsLearn the art of the Korean sword!

A “soft” or internal martial art, Haidong Gumdo is a great place to develop self-discipline and earn self-respect.

Because this is a weapon-based martial art, we require special permission from the LLC before admitting students under the age of 13.  Parental supervision and participation is welcome and encouraged!

Tuition, equipment costs, and testing fees are available here

Uniform, sword, and equipment list and prices will be made available to current students.  If you want to come and participate in class, please bring a completed Northwind Martial Arts Student Registration!

catch-joeFor more information, to reserve a spot in class (supplies for guests are limited), or any additional questions, please contact us at the addresses below:

Northwind Martial Arts LLC
(218) 407-0917

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